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Welcome to the Defy Blockchain API
The Defy Blockchain API can be used to pull balances, positions and historical granular transaction data from dozens of blockchain networks. This data enables hundreds of end-user use-cases like wallets, investor dashboards, taxation tools and as-of-yet unknown use-cases.
One Defy API. One Billion Possibilities.
Defy API is RESTful. The API is designed around the main resources that's available through the web interface. Sample API calls are provided next to each method using cURL.
Broadly speaking, there are three sections of endpoints:
  • Token API
  • Query API

URL Patterns

The API Host for all requests is
  • The current version of the API is v1.
  • All requests are done over HTTPS (calls over plain HTTP will fail.)
  • The default return format for all endpoints is JSON.
  • All requests require authentication.
Last modified 10mo ago